Just Office helps businesses in Gurgaon to find and secure great commercial space. Whether you’re one individual running the show or have a team of directors, Just Office is here to find you the right commercial space and at the competitive price!

When businesses seek out office space, they expect floor-to-ceiling windows with beautiful views, good wall paint, and glasswork on fronted conference rooms and well organized pantry or kitchens. Then their expectations are shattered when all they find is cubicle factories that turn productive teams into depressed individuals.

Have you experienced the same? Or you are worried if you’ll end up somewhere like this? You don’t need to worry about it anymore. Just Office will make your task easier. You just state your requirements and Just Office’s experts know exactly where to find it and at what price range!


At Just Office, we know how important a commercial space is for your business, hiring and productivity. Renting the most comfortable, reliable, beautifully designed spaces and finding the best values in Gurgaon’s commercial space’s market needs years of experience and a dedication to exploring the city on a regular basis. The best commercial spaces cannot be found always on the internet, that’s why we invest our time in researching the areas which are high in demand or we create those spaces!

However, our services aren’t restricted to simply providing the perfect office space for your business, that’s just the beginning! We offer all technical and non-technical support services which can or may be required for your business to sustain such as:

  • Hiring Services
  • Security Services
  • International Phone Lines
  • IT Services
  • And a Lot More!

Depending upon your expansion plans for future, Just Office would develop a strategy with analytical-data and insights from our experience just to help you finalize a space where your company can stay for a very long period  — even as you continue to grow.

The Guarantee!

100% Satisfaction
We relentlessly search for the perfect commercial space until you are 100% satisfied.

100% Devotion
We would offer you the lowest prices you can imagine!

100% Confidential
Yes, that’s true! We keep your data strictly confidential!

The Long Term Relationship
Just Office’s team of experts is always there to offer you support, be it related to infrastructure, housekeeping or anything else which may trouble you! We are a long‐term asset to all our clients and we mean it!
We also offer the following services along with providing you the best commercial space in Gurgaon:

– Constantly reviewing your current and future requirements to assist your business whenever it starts spreading legs!
– Developing additional space in your current building just to make sure that your business is not troubled with expansions!
– Reviewing the lease terms and answering the questions that arise!


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